What is The Minimum Salary Required to Apply For a Work Visa In the UK? A Guide to The New Norms

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minimum salary required for uk work visa

To get a visa, people who want to work in the UK will now need to make a substantial increase in income. The action is an essential part of the Rishi Sunak administration’s strategy to reduce the number of immigrants in the country.

Prime Minister Sunak deemed the 7,45,000 reported migrants in the UK in 2022 to be “far too high.” According to the most recent figures, the number of skilled work visas granted to India increased by 63%, from 13,380 in 2021–2022 to 21,837 in 2022–2023.

So, what minimum pay should an individual applying for a UK visa have?

Most people must find a job with a greater wage since they must apply for a work visa through the points-based system (PBS). Compared to the prior £26,200, they must now make at least £38,700, a roughly 50% rise.

International workers are not permitted to bring dependents, even if the new rule does not apply to teachers, healthcare providers, or social workers.

In June 2023, almost 70,000 people arrived in the UK using family visas. The government reduced the minimum requirement for the family visa to £29,000 after claiming that the new regulations were “splitting families,” even though it had already risen to £38,700 from £18,600.

Sunak said the sum will increase to £34,500 and then £38,700. He stated that the higher criterion will be “reached in early 2025.”

However, the Home Office stated that the new salary criteria would not apply to anyone renewing an existing family visa.

Instead of SOC 2010, roles will be based on SOC (Standard Occupational Classification) 2020. For some roles, this will mean that the occupation code number changes.

Additionally, the 25th percentile of the 2021 Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) data will be replaced with the median (50th percentile) of the 2023 ASHE data in the data used to determine these wages. Due to this modification, the minimum income requirement for some positions will be much higher than £38,700.

For example, the minimum salary for top officials and chief executives has increased from £59,300 to £84,000. Directors and financial managers must make at least £70,000 to apply for a work visa.

However, the Home Office announced that, under some circumstances, it will continue to offer “new entrant” wage concessions to people requesting skilled work visas. The new entrant discount lowers the Skilled Worker minimum income requirement to either £30,960 annually or 70% of the market rate for the relevant SOC 2020 occupation code.

How Does The Point-Based System Work?

UKVCAS (Visa and Citizenship Application Services)

A skilled worker visa requires 70 points to be awarded to an applicant. Speaking English and getting a job offer above the minimal skill level earn them 50 points each. The final 20 points can be earned by a PhD, a better wage, or employment in a field where there is a labour shortage.

A skilled visa typically costs between £719 and £1,500. A £1,035, rather than £624, healthcare cost will be assessed to applicants each year of residence.

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What Limits Are In the Shortage Occupation List?

Veterinarians, chemists, graphic designers, healthcare professionals, and construction workers are on the list. As the wage requirement for these positions is lower, it is easier for applicants to gain points.

To reflect the changes between SOC 2010 and SOC 2020, the Home Office has updated roles and consolidated some occupation codes. It has also confirmed a significant decrease in the number of occupation codes appearing in the Immigration Salary List (formerly known as the Shortage Occupation List) and the removal of the 20% minimum salary reduction for those still on the list.

What Else Is Coming In 2024:

UK Travel Purpose

Millions of tourists and business travellers’ travel plans will be impacted by the UK’s new Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) scheme, which is one major shift.

Before going to the UK, visitors and those passing through who do not currently require a visa to enter the country for tourism or business must get an ETA. The new ETA travel requirement will apply to all visitors to the UK, including those from the EU, US, Canada, and Australia, once it is completely implemented.

The ETA replaces the current Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW) system, which prevents citizens of all these countries—aside from Jordan—from applying for a visit visa.

Each person must pay the £10 ETA fee. All travellers, infants included, must submit an ETA application; however, adults may submit applications on behalf of minors. There is no return for the cost. After submitting the form, applicants will receive the decision via email within three business days.

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The minimum salary required for a Skilled Worker visa in the UK depends on your circumstances. In most cases, you’ll need to earn at least £38,700 per year or the “going rate” for your job, whichever is higher. There are exceptions for certain professions and recent graduates. If you’re unsure about your eligibility, consider seeking advice from an immigration lawyer. My Legal Services can help you navigate the UK work visa application process and ensure your application is complete and compliant.

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