Post Study Work Visa

What is a Post Study Work visa?

This allows a Student in the UK who have completed a minimum Degree level or above to remain in the UK for the purposes of work for a period of 2 years on a full time basis after completion of their respective studies. The applicant is granted 3 years Post Study Work visa if they have completed a PHD

When is the Post Study Work Visa due to be introduced by the Home Office?

The Graduate Visa or Post Study Work visa is set to be introduced in July 2021, this year. The Post Work visa category was previously available to Students before it was elapsed by the Home Office. It is now due to be re opened to international students in July 2021.

What are the requirements for a Post Study Work Visa?

The Home Office must be satisfied the following requirements are met;

  • You do not fall for refusal on grounds of suitability
  • You studied with a High Education Provided with a Tier 4 Student licence with valid student status to be eligible to apply
  • You have successfully completed a UK bachelor’s degree, Master’s level or a professional course – equivalent to degree level at undergraduate level or above to be eligible for the graduate route
  • You are applying from inside the UK and
  • You have studied a minimum of time as a Student – this will be dependent on the length of your course 

Is there a minimum financial requirement?

You are likely to need to satisfy you have enough sufficient funds to have cash savings for a period of 90 days to support yourself financially in the UK. This was the previous requirement previously set by the Home Office and is likely to be the same in July 2021.

Is there a minimum skill level or income requirement for Employment and Job Seeking?

Unlike the Skilled Work Visa, there is much flexibility with the Post Study Work – Graduate Visa allowing you to find work at any level and change jobs. You are also permitted to work in the UK on a full time basis

Can I bring in my dependants to the UK, If I have a Post Study Work Visa?

You can bring your dependant from overseas to enter the UK from your home country.

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If my dependants are born in the UK, can they apply?

Yes your dependants will be eligible to be granted the same leave time period as you if your child is born in the 

Does the Post Study Work Visa lead to Settlement?

The Post Study Work visa category does not lead to settlement. However, switching is permitted such as to a Skilled Worker visa (previously a Tier 2 work permit or other work routes).

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Can the Post Study Work Visa be counted under the 10 Years Long Residence Rules?

Although the PSW category itself does not lead to settlement, it is counted towards continuous lawful residence in the UK

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