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Disputes take place everyday  in life, if you are unable to resolve your dispute amicably then it is crucial to get the Right legal advice as early as possible and within the prescribed time limits.

Litigation matters require meticulous examination of every issues involved, as should your claim fail, your carry the grave risk of having to pay your opponent’s legal costs. It is often a more appropriate option to resolve matters through meditation or arbitration which are usually less costly and time consuming than litigation itself.  That said, where the case matter or the other party cannot resolve issues or reached an dead end, then the only way forward is at Court. 

While you may have a simple knowledge of the law and Civil Litigation procedures, you require the expertise of someone who recognizes the ins and outs of the field. From evidently explaining the fine print within any documents connected to your case to help you comprehend the legitimate ramifications of any decisions, our experienced civil litigation Solicitors can steer through the law and your matter.

There are several awful risks connected with owning and operating a business. Whether you are just beginning your own business or facing a civil litigation dispute, we can help you keep your personal and business interests sheltered. Moreover, our Property Dispute Lawyer in the UK can help you avoid future difficulties or legal issues down the road.

We ensure that you meet all deadlines, correctly fill out and file documents, and follow all obligatory procedures during your case. It is particularly significant, as failing to meet deadlines or follow guidelines can delay your case—or even having your case thrown out altogether.

We will always be on your side and our Solicitors in Central London, have the necessary expertise in negotiating on your behalf and if necessary, issuing/defending proceedings at the County Court and Higher Courts

At My Legal Services we have a dedicated team of Civil Litigation Solicitors in London to deal with your matter. We will evaluate your claim and advice on the next steps that should be taken. In order for us to do this, we will go through all documentation and formulate an opinion on the client’s prospects of success. You can count on us to provide professional legal advice.



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We specialise in the following types of disputes:

  • Breach of contract and or Agreements disputes in the small, fast and multi track Courts
  • Debt recovering – Unpaid Bills
  • Property disputes
  • Dispute over money
  • Professional negligence – poor work carried out by builders, surveyors or professionals
  • General business disputes
  • Negotiations and Mediation
  • Mortgage Repossession& Repossession Sales
  • Financial mis-selling disputes

For more details or to discuss your individual requirements please call us today and we will be happy to help you in confidence.

Our Professional Solicitor's are available in person at our offices or via the phone, Call us Today
Our Professional Solicitor's are available in person at our offices or via the phone, Call Us Today!