UK Visa Requirements For Argentinians (2024)

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UK Visa Requirements For Argentinians

In 2024, Argentine nationals visiting the UK will require a UK Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). ETA is a new digital travel permit that is needed for people of countries that are free from requiring a visa for short visits to England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

This UK visa requirements for Argentinians guide provides all the information an Argentinean needs to apply for a UK ETA, including eligibility, requirements, application procedures, and travel implications.

Advantages of the UK ETA for Argentinian:

UK Immigration Rules Changes

The UK ETA provides the following benefits to citizens of Argentina:

  • The UK ETA application process is entirely paperless and online. In less than 20 minutes, Argentine applicants can finish the application. Additionally, they are not required to submit paperwork or show up in person for interviews at consulates or visa offices.
  • The cost of each UK ETA application is £10. The price is in line with equivalent digital travel permits issued by other nations.
  • Most digital travel permits have an expiration date of one to five years from the passport they are attached to.
  • Over two years, the UK ETA will be valid for several quick trips. Not each time they visit the UK, but only every two years or when their passport expires, whichever comes first, travellers must apply for an ETA.

What are the reasons UK ETA is being introduced for Argentinian?

With the UK ETA, the government will have more control and accountability over who is allowed entry into the nation while enhancing border security. The system promises to detect potential risks to national security before they even set foot on UK territory, assist in stopping illegal immigration, and foil organised crime syndicates. In addition, the ETA aims to enhance border security and speed the immigration procedure for low-risk, pre-verified travellers.

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How travellers from Argentina will be affected by the UK ETA system:

UK Travellers from Argentina

Argentinians are not currently required to have an ETA for travel to the UK. However, when the system opens in 2024 for Argentine citizens, they must apply for and get a UK ETA approved before visiting the UK.

It is required regardless of the mode of transportation—whether travelling by air, sea, or land, like the rail tunnel that links France and Britain—or by cruise liner.

A UK ETA can be used for the following types of travel:

  • 180 days is a short-term stay for tourism, short-term studies, visiting friends and family, authorised business, and medical care.
  • 90-day, three-month maximum stay permitted under the Creative Worker visa concession
  • Travelling via the UK (i.e., switching aircraft), no matter whether they go through UK border control

Before arriving in the UK, all passengers, including babies and young ones, must have an ETA. On their behalf, parents and guardians may submit an ETA application.

An ETA may not be granted to anyone with a history of criminal convictions, immigration violations, or more than a year of jail in the UK or abroad. Instead, these tourists ought to think about obtaining a UK visa.

Argentineans who plan to work or remain in the UK for more than six months will still require the proper UK visa. The new ETA system will not impact these travellers.

UK Visa Requirements for Argentinians:

To qualify to be eligible for a UK ETA, citizens of Argentina must prepare the following application requirements:

  • A current biometric passport from Argentina, whose nationals can visit the UK for brief visits without requiring a visa.
  • A current digital passport photo.
  • A working email account.
  • A working electronic payment option, like Google Pay, Apple Pay, or credit or debit cards.

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The process for Argentinians to apply for an ETA:

UK Standard Visitor Visa for Moroccan Citizens

Argentine citizens can use the official UK government website or app to apply for a UK ETA. The process takes a few minutes once all the required paperwork and data are ready.

The process for Argentinians to apply for an ETA is explained below:

  1. Take a picture of your passport or upload one that will be used to enter the UK.
  2. Use the camera on your device to take a photograph or upload a recent passport photo.
  3. Complete all of the necessary fields.
  4. Answer to inquiries about eligibility and security.
  5. Complete the online UK ETA application payment.

Travellers who complete the online UK ETA application will receive a confirmation at the email address they provide.


As of April 2024, Argentinian citizens will need a UK Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for short trips to the UK. This new online application simplifies the process of tourism, family visits, and business activities. While the ETA streamlines entry, navigating visa applications can still be complex. My Legal Services can guide UK visa requirements for Argentinians through the UK ETA process any you may face, ensuring a smooth journey for your travels.

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