UK Skilled Worker Visa: The Complete Guide

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uk skilled worker visa

The Skilled Worker visa is a point-based UK work visa issued to highly skilled workers from outside the UK who have a job offer from a UK employer for a skilled job or a job listed on the Shortage Occupations List. To be eligible to apply for this visa, applicants must be issued a certificate of sponsorship by their UK employer, who must hold a valid Skilled Worker sponsor licence.

Highly qualified people from outside the UK who have a job offer from a UK employer for a skilled profession or a position classified on the Shortage Occupations List are qualified for the qualified Worker visa, a point-based UK work visa. A certificate of sponsorship from the applicant’s UK employer, who must have a current Skilled Worker sponsor licence, is required to be eligible to apply for this visa.

What is a UK worker visa?

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Senior managers from outside the UK can work in the UK under this global business mobility visa as a UK Skilled Worker in a role for which they have been sponsored, as stated in their sponsorship certificate. Additionally, those with this visa can volunteer and study in the UK. This visa allows you to open a branch office for a foreign corporation that has not yet begun business in the UK. You must hold a senior management or specialist position with a foreign organisation to qualify for this visa. Your partner and any dependent children may move to the UK with you if they meet the requirements.

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Benefits of a UK Skilled Worker Visa:

With a UK Worker visa, you can:

  1. Work at the position listed on your sponsorship study certificate for your sponsor.
  2. Bring your partner and kids to be your “dependents“.
  3. Participate in volunteerism.
  4. Leaving and entering the UK. However, you do not automatically have access to the following:
  • Filling out an application for the State Pension or other benefits, such as government money changing jobs—unless you properly update your visa.
  • Work at another job in parallel.
  • The ability to apply for unrestricted immigration to the UK.

Requirements & Eligibility for a UK Skilled Worker Visa:

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To be qualified for a UK Worker visa, you must:

  • Personal and employer-issued sponsorship certificate that is current.
  • Having spent at least a year working for that company before moving to the UK.
  • Have a profession on the list of acceptable professions. Get paid the bare minimum amount necessary for the job.

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Requirements for the UK Skilled Worker Visa under the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS):

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A current Certificate of Sponsorship is necessary before you may be given a UK Skilled Worker Visa. Your employer must fulfil the requirements set forth by the Home Office to sponsor a UK Skilled Worker in this case.

A Certificate of Sponsorship is available if your employer has been given the go-ahead. Your employer must be listed as A-rated unless you previously received approval to work as a UK Skilled Worker and are requesting to continue working for the same sponsor as in your prior permit, you are the sponsor’s authorising officer, or the sponsor has a provisional rating on the Home Office’s register of licenced sponsors.

An electronic copy of a “certificate of sponsorship” defining the duties of the post you will hold in the UK will be given to you by your employer. Your sponsor must choose the right employment code when applying.

The Home Office will consider elements such as whether your employer has shown a genuine need for the job, whether you possess the necessary abilities, credentials, and experience to do the job as described, and the sponsor’s track record of adhering to immigration laws.


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