What Information Will UK Immigration Solicitor Require From You?

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UK Immigration Solicitor

A UK Immigration solicitor who specialises in immigration will need to get as much relevant data from you as possible during the first meeting. This will allow them to provide the best immigration advice while understanding your position. You must be prepared to respond to their inquiries. It will be simpler for a lawyer to decide whether they can help and how much it will cost if you have more details. The following are some questions you might have:

  • Your age, nationality, marital status, and number of dependents will be inquired about. They might also ask if you have ever been convicted of a crime and your work status.
  • If you currently have an immigration status, they must be aware of it. This could involve inquiring about the kind of visa you currently possess, its expiration date, and any constraints that may apply.
  • They’ll inquire about your past immigration and travel experiences. This might involve inquiries regarding your date of birth, method of entry, place of residence, past visas held, and any prior appeals or petitions for immigration that you may have filed.
  • They will inquire about any documents you may have that are relevant to your case. Examples include marriage licences, employment contracts, sponsorship letters, passports, visas, and proof of funding.
  • To help decide the best course of action for your case, they could inquire about your financial situation and whether you might be entitled to certain assistance or need to satisfy specific financial requirements under immigration regulations.

What will the UK immigration solicitor expect from me?

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Your lawyer may have specific requirements, as you do, to have a good working relationship.

Being open and honest with your lawyer during your legal representation is essential. You must remain transparent when disclosing facts important to your case. Being truthful about your goals, expectations, and concerns is also essential. If you speak with your lawyer face-to-face, settling any issues with something is possible.

Solicitors like it when their clients are timely and well-organised. Keeping your paperwork together will make it easier for your solicitor to understand. Working well together also depends on promptly attending appointments and responding to your lawyer’s correspondence.

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Is it essential that you understand what will happen next in my case?

It would help if you understood your case’s circumstances and upcoming actions. It will vary depending on the specific conditions and situation. Your immigration solicitor needs to assist you in understanding this.

Knowing the following steps in your case will enable you to plan and make well-informed inquiries. It should help some of the tension around your case as you will be prepared.

Immigration proceedings frequently entail life-changing decisions and conversations. Therefore, to actively participate in discussions and make informed judgements, you must comprehend the immigration process in which you are involved.

Immigration processes can also be difficult and drawn out. A thorough understanding of the process will help you set expectations for deadlines and turnaround times.

Should I get a copy of the documents and correspondence?

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Yes, copies of all correspondence and documentation about your immigration application should be shared with your immigration solicitor near me.  You should make a copy of these for your records. By giving this information, you may be aware of your case. Being open and honest with your lawyer will promote confidence.

If a solicitor does not provide you with all the documents, there might be a problem. You ought to bring this up with them. If they don’t improve their information sharing, consider finding a new solicitor for your case.


Understanding the complexity of immigration law requires learning the insights provided by your UK immigration solicitor. With My Legal Services’s professional immigration advice and experience with solicitors, you can quickly achieve your desired results and ensure compliance by guiding the immigration process with confidence.

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