How Important to Get Regulated Immigration Advice From Immigration Solicitors in London?

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UK’s immigration rules and policy advice can be complex. It’s difficult to understand given its constant change for even the most senior immigration solicitors in London. Many applicants for UK visas and immigration hire immigration lawyers and experts to help them with their applications. Unfortunately, many people will take advantage of weak immigration applicants and request payment in exchange for legal advice that they are not qualified.

Unregulated immigration advice is very likely to put applicants in risky situations due to their immigration status. Because of this, candidates must choose advisers who are qualified to provide immigration advice and have the ability to win in even the most difficult situations, like our immigration solicitors.

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So do not hesitate to contact the team of My Legal Services to set up an initial appointment so we can analyse your immigration situation and provide you with the best, completely approved advice.

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What is the importance of getting regulated immigration advice?

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To avoid risking their immigration status in the UK, candidates must ensure they give the proper advisor the instructions required to prepare and file their UK immigration application or appeal. In the worst situation, this might lead to removal from the UK and a ban on re-entry.

Additionally, it could cost the applicant thousands of dollars to resolve their immigration problem and cause them great emotional and mental anguish. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) or Office of Immigration Services Commissioner(OISC) and regulated Barristers are the primary governing agencies for representatives. Therefore applicants should confirm this before hiring them. It shows that the immigration solicitors in London are qualified to provide regulated immigration advice and representation.

Our immigration solicitors in London are completely authorised and qualified to provide clients with regulated immigration advice. We are experts and specialists in all facets of UK immigration and create applications of the highest quality. 

What happens if you have received incorrect immigration advice?

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You may consider contacting our professional team if you believe you received poor immigration advice, as they have a lot of experience managing carelessness complaints. Our legal professionals are happy to schedule a meeting to review and fully assess your case. After receiving poor advice from other agents, our immigration solicitors in London have helped numerous clients improve their immigration situation.

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You cannot receive immigration advice or services from a person not registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority or OISC or a member of an approved professional organisation.

Our expert team of immigration solicitors in London always represent your case. We start with a customised strategy for each client. Before your application reaches the Home Office UK Visa & Immigration department, we will be able to advise you on your options of filing a UK visa application at our first meeting. We can help you complete and submit a visa application and ensure you follow all immigration rules’ requirements.

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