Step By Step Guide of Unmarried Partner Visa UK Success Rate For 2024

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Wondering about the UK unmarried partner visa success rate? Continue reading for a complete immigration advice and guide on unmarried partner visa UK success rate.

Are you planning to move in with your committed, long-term partner in the UK? If this is the case and you are not married, a UK unmarried partner visa is the right visa for you. Your sponsor or partner in the UK, must be present and settled in the UK with British status, indefinite leave to remain, Settled status or Pre-settled status.

This visa is intended to make it easier for straight and gay couples living together in the UK to enjoy their stay and be together without the need to commit into marriage. The Home Office makes decisions regarding unmarried partner UK visa applications, just like other visas. There will be some applications accepted, and some refused if you fail to meet the eligibility requirements and/or due to lack of documents. Here, you’ll see the guide on UK unmarried partner visa and unmarried partner visa UK success rate.

Who is an Unmarried Partner?

Unmarried Partner Visa

An unmarried partner is a person in a long-term, real, and ongoing relationship with another person who has the impression of marriage.

However, the connection should be somewhat similar to that rather than marriage or a civil union.

The UK Sponsor must be a citizen of the United Kingdom or possess the following below:

  • Indefinite leave to remain in the UK
  • Settled/Pre-Settled Status in the UK
  • Irish nationality but living in the UK
  • Refugee or humanitarian protection immigration status
  • Settled status or Pre-settled status

Additionally, for the immigration authorities to examine the pair for an unmarried partner visa, their connection must have existed for at least two years.

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What Is A Successful Unmarried Partner Visa Application?

Civil Partnership Visa UK

When a request for a visa is approved for an unmarried partner, it is said to have been successful. The holder may add another 30 months to the initial 33-month validity of the visa. Even better, the visa serves as a platform for indefinite leave to remain in the UK, which can apply after spending at least five years there on a family visa.

What Is The UK Unmarried Partner Visa Success Rate?

UK Unmarried Partner Visa Success Rate

Any public figures do not represent the actual success rate of visas for unmarried partners in the UK. However, the Home Office has disapproved many requests for unmarried partner visas, according to the general observation made by immigration specialists.

To give your application the best possibility of being approved, you must first ensure you meet all visa eligibility standards. Then, compile enough supporting documentation, use the appropriate application form, and correctly complete the form. The most important thing is to let a qualified UK immigration solicitor assist you with your application.

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