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In this post, we look at the 6 steps to apply for a Spousal visa to the UK when applying for a Spouse visa application.

This visa category allows married partners (applicant) to join their Spouse (Sponsor) husband or wife to the UK. Their Sponsor must be a British citizen or a person present and settled in the UK, with indefinite leave to remain in the UK. It is also possible for applicant’s to join their husband or wife who has limited leave to remain in the UK under Appendix EU or Appendix ECAA. who wish to join their husband or wife in the UK.

Process for the UK Spouse Visa:

#1 – Know The Spouse Visa Requirements:

You must meet certain requirements to qualify for a Spouse visa UK. These include having enough money to support yourself and any dependants. You will need to satisfy and meet the following requirements:

To get more information whether you or your partner is eligible for a Spouse visa, call My Legal Services on 0203 732 4736 and one of our Solicitors would be happy to assist you the application process, advice, time frame and procedure involved. We cover the whole of SE18, W1G 0PW, London and the UK.

#2 – What is the Financial Requirement?

You will need to meet the financial requirement of £29,000 to demonstrate you will not have recourse to public funds. There are several ways to meet the financial requirement including:

  • Income from salaried or non-salaried employment of the partner (and/or the applicant if they are in the UK with permission to work). Maternity allowances are also counted including Bereavement benefits.
  • Non-employment income, e.g. income from property rental or dividends from shares.
  • Cash savings of the applicant’s partner and/or the applicant, above £16,000, held by the partner and/or the applicant for at least 6 months and under their control. The cash savings requirement is £62,500. State (UK or foreign), occupational or private pension of the applicant’s partner and/or the applicant. There are specified documents that will be required in support of your application.
  • Income from self-employment, and income as a director or employee of a specified limited company in the UK, of the partner (and/or the applicant if they are in the UK with permission to work). Different documents will be required if you are applying and relying on Income from self-employment or income as a Director or employee of a specified limited company.

You may still be able to meet the requirement if you are not working or are on benefits or have sufficient savings to satisfy the financial requirements. There are specified mandatory documents that are required in support of your Spouse visa application, which must be met. Give us a call today and we will be happy to help you every step of the way.

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#3 – Prepare Your Documents:

You must submit an application form along with your supporting documents to the British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate office where your partner lives. You will need to apply online using the Home Office online application form system. There are different categories that apply when applying if you are applying from abroad or inside the UK. The online system allows you to pay the appropriate fee, including the Immigration Health Surcharge, known as the NHS charge and booking for appointment at a biometric scanning centre, where your supporting documents can be scanned.

#5 – Pay the Application Fees:

There are different application fees involved in getting your visa. You will need to pay £1,846 towards the visa application fee from outside the UK and £1,048 from inside the UK. The NHS charge of £2,587.50 (2.5 years) is separate from the Home Office mandatory visa fees.

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#6 – Wait for Approval:

Once you submit your application, it will take up to 12 weeks for the decision to come through. However, it can take quicker depending on the respective British High Commission, Embassy or Consulate. There is also an options to pay for a Fast Track Service for a decision to be made quicker.

We have years of experience to help you with appealing against the decision to refuse and will conduct a full assessment of the prospects of success or advice you submit a new application.

For expert advice and assistance in relation to a spouse visa application, spouse extension or spouse appeal, contact our immigration barristers and lawyers in London on 0203 732 4736 or via the enquiry form.

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