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The new post study work permit visa for graduates will be available for international students who start their studies in the UK in 2020 or later (PSW). This often relates to a 24-month (2-year) work and residence visa following graduation. How does it work? Continue reading to know more:

What is a Post Study Work (PSW) Permit Visa?

International students may stay in the UK for up to two years after graduation to look for jobs under the PSW visa for UK terms. All international students starting their studies in the fall of 2020 or later will be under the new visa regulations. Holders of a PSW visa can take whatever job they find for the first two years following graduation to switch to a general work visa later.

The UK is a desirable location for students who want to start their international careers due to the possibility of staying and working there for two years following graduation. Few other European nations provide their overseas students with such favourable conditions.

Can You Work in the UK After Graduation?

Work in the UK After Graduation

You will be able to work in the UK once you graduate with the new post-study work visa regulations. Starting in September 2020, any UK university student can remain in the country for up to two years after graduation to look for employment connected to their degree or programme of study. Graduates of all institutions of higher learning are recognised as “licenced visa sponsors”.

If your circumstances haven’t changed, it should be automatic because the visa requirements for those grades are expected to be the same as their original student visa standards. Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree, or even a PhD are covered. The PSW visa is not intended to limit how much you can work while you study; instead, it is designed to offer graduates additional time to find a job following graduation.

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Who Can Apply for a PSW Visa for the UK?

Any international student who enrols at a UK institution beginning in September 2020 and holds a Tier 4 visa will be eligible to stay in the country after graduation to look for a job.

It is an extension of regulatory changes that permitted PhD graduates to remain in the UK after receiving their degrees. The UK claims that this is to expand its STEM industrial fields. The option will be available to all graduates starting in 2020.

Before, graduates with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree had just four months to stay and hunt for work. That has been increased to two years due to changes in graduate visa regulations.

When Do the PSW Visa for the UK Rules Come Into Effect?

PSW Visa for the UK

All Tier 4 visa holders accepted onto a degree in 2020 or later are eligible to apply under the new PSW rules. These are the regulations that would apply to you after graduation if you were to apply to a course in the UK that began in September or October 2020. Though keep in mind that specific circumstances may be essential and that visa regulations are subject to change at any time. Keep an eye out for public announcements for any upcoming changes.

What Happens After the Post Study Work Visa Ends?

Graduates can look for any job and often stay for up to two years after graduation with a post-study work visa. That means you will be free to work in any position you discover for the first two years following graduation.

However, after that time, when the PSW visa expires, anyone who wants to remain in the UK for an extended amount of time must apply to transfer to a “general work visa” (sometimes known as a “skilled work visa“).

Your position must be eligible for a Tier 2 visa, also known as a “general work visa.” That means you must make at least £30,000 annually, though some occupations may pay more or less.

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Does It Matter Which University I Graduated From If I Want a UK PSW Visa?

A post-study work permit visa is usually available to graduates of all UK universities. The British government must acknowledge it as a reliable organisation known as “licenced sponsors.”

However, this list is flexible and open to modification if a university does not maintain its “established track record” of responding to immigration and visa inspections. To avoid disappointment, it pays to confirm that your university is included on this list if you are currently studying or plan to do so in the UK.

How Does My Legal Services Help You in PSW visa application?

You might be qualified to apply for the Graduate Route Visa when it opens in July 2021 if you are an international student studying in the UK. For thorough immigration assistance, get in touch with My Legal Service’s experienced team of immigration solicitors.

Our expert immigration solicitors can go over the specifics of the new path and the requirements to apply. For comprehensive immigration advice, please schedule a consultation with our experienced immigration lawyers in London.

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