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Similar to the Spouse, Fiancé, and Unmarried Partner visas, the Civil Partnership visa (or UK civil partnership visa) is a category of UK Family visa. Like these visas, foreign citizens can move to the UK with this category allowing you and any dependants to qualify for indefinite leave to remain with their British or Irish partners.

In contrast to a marriage or any other type of connection, the Civil Partnership visa is designed just for couples with a binding civil partnership. With a UK civil partnership visa, you can stay in the UK for the first two years and 6 months. A further 2 years, 6 months can be added to that.

Who Can Apply for a UK Civil Partnership Visa?

If your civil partner satisfies the following criteria, you can only apply for a civil partnership visa:

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  • A British citizen or an Irish citizen
  • Possesses settled status in the UK, such as proof of long-term residency know as indefinite leave to remain, settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme, or indefinite leave to remain.
  • Has been granted pre-settlement status by the EU Settlement Scheme (as long as they started living in the UK before 1 January 2021).
  • Hashumanitarian protection
  • Refugee status in the UK

Additionally, you must fulfil the requirements listed below:

  • In the UK, your civil partnership is recognized as valid.
  • In the UK, your civil partnership is recognized as valid.
  • Both you and your civil partner are adults.
  • Your bond must be genuine and subsisting
  • All previous relationships must have ended permanently.
  • You must be planning to reside permanently with your civil partner and have access to appropriate housing in the UK.
  • The necessary financial conditions must be met.
  • Must fulfil the essential language criteria.

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What Are the Relationship Requirements for a UK Civil Partnership Visa?

Civil Partnership Visa UK Guide

A legal, binding civil partnership must exist for you to show that you fulfil the relationship requirement for this visa. It may do so by offering documentation of a civil partnership certificate that is legally recognized in the UK.

UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) will need to confirm your connection’s validity and continuation. Your civil partnership must be genuine, long-lasting, and free of hidden agenda’s .

It exists to prevent people from simply entering into a civil partnership to get around UK immigration laws. There are many methods for showing the validity and continued presence of your civil partnership, the majority of which entails presenting a variety of proof and evidence derived from the course of your relationship with your civil partner.

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Financial Requirements of UK Civil Partnership Visa:

Financial Requirements of UK Civil Partnership Visa

To qualify for a Civil Partnership visa, you and your partner must verify that you have a particular amount of income. It will generally be £18,600 if you are relying on your sponsor’s employment income.

You will need to make an additional £3,800 a year in income if you want to add a dependent child to your visa application. The annual need will increase by £2,400 for each additional child.

However, if your child or children are British or Irish citizens, have indefinite permission to remain, or have settled or pre-settled status, you won’t need to consider these extra charges.

  • To fulfil the minimum income criteria for your civil partnership visa, you can use any of the following options:
  • Income from employment in the UK, net of taxes and social security.
  • Income from working for yourself or as a director of a limited company in the UK.
  • Savings of money over £16,000.
  • Pension income.
  • Non-wage income, such as rental or dividend income from real estate.

If your civil partner receives certain state benefits, you might not be required to fulfil the financial criteria.


You will be able to stay in the UK for 30 months, or 2 years and 6 months, when your leave to remain for your civil partnership visa is initially granted. You will then be eligible to renew your visa for another 30 months, or 2 years and 6 months, prior to the expiry of your visa.

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