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Our UK immigration lawyers can help you submit a No Time Limit application for a Biometric Residence Permit to verify your status. If you have Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) or Indefinite Leave to Enter (ILE) but lack a document to verify it, you can apply for Indefinite Leave with No Time Limit (NTL). You can apply for an NTL application for a biometric residence permit to verify your status (BRP). Additionally, you can use the UKCVAS Super Priority service to get a response to your NTL application within 24 hours.

Eligibility Criteria For No Time Limit Application

Where can someone apply for NTL?

  • Their passport, which contains an ILE, ILR, or NTL endorsement, was stolen, lost, or is no longer valid;
  • They have settled status in the UK, but they lack documentation to support it (for example, since section 1(2) of the Immigration Act of 1971 declared them to have settled on 1 January 1973);
  • They want a BRP to establish that they have lawfully changed their identification after being granted indefinite leave.

Although it is not required, applying for an NTL BRP has advantages. 

biometrics uk visa information

For example, an NTL BRP:

  • Has improved security elements that are not present on an old-style vignette (sticker), which reduces the chance that it may be used fraudulently by someone else;
  • Is proof of a person’s eligibility to work, get certain benefits, and reside permanently in the UK;
  • It will make travelling to and from the UK easier applications for NTL. It must be submitted on the NTL application form in the UK and cost money.

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Who Can Apply for NTL Application?

NTL BRP Visa Application UK

To apply for an NTL in the UK, you must have a current ILR. Additionally, your ILR status cannot have been cancelled because you are subject to deportation, gained leave illegally, or were removed to invalidate it.

Who Can Not Apply for NTL Application?

Transferring limited leave to stay in the UK is also possible for those who qualify. But they have to go through a different application procedure. No EEA citizen or family member may transfer their leave to a BRP if they have the right to permanent residence or fixed status in the UK.

An EEA national or family member must apply for established status under the EU Settlement Scheme after living in the UK for at least five years and getting a permanent residence visa. EEA nationals who received ILR under the Immigration Rules before 30 April 2006 are eligible to apply for NTL.

Home Office Cost And Process Time of No Time Limit Application:

uk spouse visa cost

After completing your application online, you must arrange a scheduled appointment to present your biometric data at a UKVCAS centre. The Home Office won’t charge you for this application; you’ll hear back in six months.

However, each application to the Home Office carries the risk of being delayed. For an extra £800, you can use the super priority service. If you choose this option, your decision should arrive by the end of the following day after your UKVCAS appointment.

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To prove you have the proper status in the UK, you must be able to present the documents that are unique to the home office. Before applying, you must verify that you fulfil the requirements for a UK No Time Limit application.

You will immediately require the right guidance and help from our UK immigration specialists. Without assistance, you have a high chance of having your application rejected and losing money.

With My Legal Services specialised end-to-end service, legal counsel, high success rate, and established track record, you may relax knowing that no area of UK immigration law is outside the scope of our knowledge.

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