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Migration or the movement of people from one country to another has always been an exciting but equally daunting process. Among the many possible countries to move into, the United Kingdom has a long and rich history of people immigrating to the UK.

Over the centuries, people from all over the world have come to live and work in this small island nation. In recent years, however, the UK’s immigration policy has become increasingly strict.

Being well-informed about the process of immigration in the UK is the best way to start that move. This guide will provide an overview of what needs to be done to successfully immigrate to the UK.

Why Migrate to the UK?

The UK has always been among the countries with top migrations of both EU and non-EU citizens.

As such, the country has remained one of the most attractive countries to move to due to the multiple opportunities it offers to migrants.

UK Immigration Data:

In the UK, the main reasons for migration are for work, education, family, or settlement of refugees (as asylum).

In 2018, most immigrants in the UK are non-EU citizens and are expected to follow the same pattern until the present day. In most cases, work and study are the predominant reasons for long-term immigration, and seeking asylum is the least common reason.

Despite this data, it was also observed that in 2018, there was a recent decline in migration due to employment because of the Brexit referendum. Still, student migration kept growing steadily without the possibility of long-term settlement, as student visas end once studies have concluded.

A small number of overall migrations to the UK comprises of family visas. Although the numbers largely varied through 2005-2019 data, 2018 and 2019 saw about a 30% increase granted to partners of British citizens or those who settled in the UK and are non-British citizens.

Those who have applied for asylum or resettled refugees also have a much lower number compared to the other listed reasons. However, a spike might be expected due to the current turmoil between Russia and Ukraine.

How to Migrate to the UK?

Below provides an overview of several immigration options for migrating to the UK:

Is a Visa Necessary?

Some countries do not need a visa when entering the UK, such as the USA if only to visit or for tourism purposes. However, if US citizens go to the UK to work, study, get married or enter into a civil partnership, or an intra-company visa or temporary work government authorized exchange visa will be required.

Tourist or Visiting

There are also some scenarios applicable in going to the UK as a visitor. Some are standard visitors or those who would like to visit family or friends, for vacation, for meetings, for medical issues, or even to take a 30-day recreational course. A tourist visa may also be used to pass through the UK or travel through the UK as a transit point.

Job Opportunities

Many choose the working visa category. There are 3 major work visas applicable: long-term work visa, short-term work visa and investments, and business development and talent visa. The work visa includes the less common ones such as ancestry visas and exempt vignettes. Under the working visa, a migrant may eventually have the option to apply for a permanent settlement visa.

Education Opportunities

Education visas also come in different options: short-term or just to study English which would only be for 6 months to 12 months, child student visa which is more applicable to ages 4 to 17, and student visitor visa or student visa, which usually applies to those aged 18 and over who are interested in pursuing a degree in UK schools.

Family Visa

Spouse Visa Extension Solicitor in London

Family visas apply to partners or spouses, children, parents, and relatives to take care of a UK-based relation. Migrants going to the UK with a different visa may also apply for a family visa for as long as they would stay with their spouse or partner, child, or parent. Before the expiration of the existing visa, a migrant must already switch to a family visa.

Permanent Settlement

A permanent settler or one who applies for indefinite leave to remain may also apply to be a British citizen. Those who have a working visa and have lived in the UK for 3-5 years may apply for permanent settlement, or British citizenship. Other important requirements must be fulfilled before approval.

EU Settlement Scheme:

Flag of Europe

To find more information about the EU Settlement Scheme, use this link.

Need UK Visa Support?

Current situations such as the need for non-UK citizens to migrate to the UK as refugees are also being put together, especially for Ukrainians. My Legal Services also can provide professional assistance for immigration requirements to the UK.

General Tips for Migrating to the UK:

Here are some tips for successful transitions to the UK:


Do enough research and planning before moving to the UK. It’s better to have a glimpse of the culture, laws, and customs of a place before arriving to gain a bit of insight. With as much research and preparation, there is a better chance of settling in the UK faster.


Immigration Lawyers Woolwich

Visas and other immigration documentation are always important and necessary, especially for non-EU citizens. A solicitor or professional consultant help sin the legalities of moving to the UK. At My Legal Services, experienced solicitors can help with immigration laws, documentary requirements, deadlines as necessary.

Housing and Accommodations:

Consultants who specialize in real estate or relocations may help in finding the best housing or accommodation that would be the best fit for immigrants according to their specific needs. Looking for accommodations might be challenging, especially if there are no company-sponsored housing locations. It’s also wise to consult solicitors as they are well-versed with the local laws and real estate. Having a reputable consultant may also help with getting the required permits for moving household goods into the country.


There may be several healthcare insurances that can be carried over to the destination country, but it’s a good idea to check first if one is needed. In a majority of cases you will need to take one out or have a valid TB Certificate prior to travel.

If the move is for work purposes, the employer may already have a healthcare plan in check for immigrant employees. If the move is as a student or family, seek advice from a UK-based insurance company or healthcare professional for proper guidance. Though there is also an option to have international health insurance, it’s much better to check all other alternatives so you can find the best coverage option for yourself, as you may or may not qualify for the National Health Service in the UK.

Financial Plans:

Migrating to the UK would require proof of finances within a specified period. This is to ensure that immigrants have enough money and can cope with the standard of living in the UK.

Need Assistance with Immigrating to the UK?

Making the move to the UK can be daunting, the best way to do this is by contacting a legal professional who can guide you through each step of the process.

My Legal Services is well known for providing exemplary services for immigration to the UK. At My Legal Services, we pride ourselves on our high success rate and professional legal advice. Immigrating to the UK has never been easier thanks to My Legal Services!

We can help you every step of the way with your UK immigration and obtaining UK visas from start to finish, even with refusals and appeals.

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