Unmarried Partner Visa UK: Before Applying, What You Need To Consider

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unmarried partner visa uk

Everyone wants to live near their loved ones. When it comes to married couples, this is particularly true. However, some countries’ immigration regulations might be very strict. Most people don’t like the concept of strict immigration authorities interrogating them about their personal life.

To establish whether your connection is genuine, these officials search for clues. Couples who use the Home Office’s list of dos and don’ts are more likely to succeed. The following 4 mistakes should be avoided when getting ready for an unmarried partner visa in the UK.

4 Things You Should Avoid Before Apply Unmarried Partner Visa UK:

Unmarried Partner Visa Solicitor

#1 – Not Maintaining Proper Documentation:

The basis of your visa application is the supporting papers you submit. Your visa application may only be accepted if you are required to attend an interview with the necessary paperwork to back up the facts you’ve given.

Find out what documents are required for the visa application process as soon as possible. Create a folder or file with all of these documents in it. Create a list of all the requirements to make sure you remember everything.

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#2 – A Late Arrival to The Interview, If Required to Attend:

Late Arrival to The Interview

The embassy provides you with a specific time and date for the interview when you make an unmarried partner visa uk appointment. These officers take it very seriously when it comes to being on time.

Immigration inspectors may have a bad image of you if you are late for your interview. Therefore, you must arrive at the embassy a few minutes earlier. Being on time also makes you more at ease, which makes it easier for you to respond to inquiries.

#3 – Not Caring About How You Appear:

During the interview, immigration agents also take into account how you look. You do not want them to criticise your appearance or clothing. Dress professionally and hold yourself straight during the interview. Afraid facial expressions can reflect that you are not being completely honest with your responses. Your unmarried partner visa uk request can be rejected due to this. It’s important to continue looking the officers in the eye.

#4 – Inappropriate Answers:

Usually, visa officers will ask about the following:

  • How did you both first meet?
  • What colour or movie does your spouse like?
  • How much are you and your partner financially independent?
  • What are the names of the parents and other relatives of your spouse?

To provide short and pertinent responses during the interview, you must prepare for these questions. Take your time to reply to queries because it can look like you are lying.

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Your interview will be conducted by a professional with limited time. Be sure to keep your answers short, clear, and to the point. Clear information is what the official is seeking. Interviews must look genuine. Therefore, it’s important to keep the flow regular.

An expert solicitor lawyer of My Legal Services helps you with the UK unmarried partner visa process. We make every effort to guarantee that your application is approved so that you and your spouse can move to the UK.

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