UK Spouse Visa from Thailand: Eligibility, Requirement You Should Know

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UK Spouse Visa from Thailand

If the thought of leaving Thailand permanently keeps you and your Thai fiancée from settling in the UK, then your best bet would be to pay in the UK. Your key to getting your Thai fiancée to live with you permanently in the UK is a fiancée visa, which is a type of UK settlement visa. It is helpful for couples who plan to marry in the UK and then change their fiancée’s immigration status afterwards.

Your relationship with your Thai fiancée and your financial situation in the UK are two crucial factors that must be met when applying for a UK Spouse Visa from Thailand for your Thai fiancée. You and your fiancée must have known one another for at least six months in order to establish a credible and ongoing connection. Considering that you are bringing someone to the UK on a sponsored basis who you hope will become your lifelong spouse, this should be viewed as a reasonable demand. The more time you have spent together, the better.

Eligibility of UK Spouse Visa from Thailand:

Apply for UK (British) Visa from Thailand

There are multiple critical qualifying requirements for the Spouse visa that all candidates must fulfil. For example, the following are among the criteria to be eligible for this visa:

  • You must not be seeking a visa for illegal reasons, such as dodging UK immigration laws, and your connection with your spouse must be sincere and sustainable.
  • You both have to be older than eighteen.
  • It would help if you planned to live together permanently in the UK with your spouse, in suitable housing that the government doesn’t fund.
  • You have to have a shared income of at least £29,000, which is the minimum required for finances.
  • You have to be skilled in a basic level of English.

Among these, showing that your relationship is natural and sustainable is probably the hardest to meet. To prove to the Home Office that your relationship is genuine and long-lasting, you will need to present a variety of documentation and supporting evidence.

These can be proof that you share expenditures financially or that you live at the same address, such as bills, bank accounts, or rental agreements.

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The Cost and Duration for Getting a UK Spouse Visa from Thailand:

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The standard fee to apply for a UK Spouse Visa from Thailand is £1,048 if you are using it while in the nation and £1,538 if you are applying from outside the UK. The completion of the English language test and the expense of having the applicant’s supporting documents translated into English are extra fees associated with the UK settlement visa application.

Converting Spouse Visa to ILR:

Indefinite Leave To Remain UK

You can convert your Thai spouse’s UK spouse visa to an ILR and grant them citizenship, enabling them to work, study, and be free from immigration restrictions.

Among the requirements for converting the spouse visa are:

  • They have spent the last five years or more living in the UK with their sponsor.
  • Passed the test for Life in the UK.
  • Not breaking any immigration regulations while in the nation.
  • They can show their moral integrity.
  • Not gone abroad for more than 180 days in the 12 months before applying.

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The necessary paperwork for the fiancée visa application must be carefully prepared. Therefore, it is recommended that you and your Thai fiancée get assistance from UK immigration experts with the visa application procedure. Check out this page for additional details.

Getting a UK Spouse Visa from Thailand is extremely important, and our team of knowledgeable immigration lawyers in London is aware of this. It is an essential phase in the process of obtaining British citizenship, and My Legal Services can help you at every turn. Fortunately, we have immigration attorneys on hand to assist.

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