UK-Immigration Health Surcharge Fee Set to Increase 66% on 6 February 2024

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IHS fees increase 2024

The government announced the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) increase on October 13, 2023, and it will take effect in 2024. The government’s review of fees across the immigration and nationality system includes the rise of IHS.

For the majority of applicants, the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) change will be significant because the regular charge has increased by an astounding 66%.

Date of implementation:

The Act became effective on February 6, 2024, having been approved by Parliament on January 16, 2024.

What is Immigration Health Surcharge IHS?

Immigration Health Surcharge IHS

For the majority of visa applicants, the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) is required and must be paid in addition to the application price. Every year that authorization is requested, there is a fee. When the IHS is paid, immigrants can use the UK National Health Service for as long as their visa is valid.

Visitors to the UK, those applying under the EU Settlement Scheme, and those applying under the Health and Care provisions generally will not be affected and are eligible for an IHS exemption. The National Health Service employees and their dependents will continue to be exempt from the IHS, according to confirmation from the Home Office. Furthermore, individuals who are applying from outside the UK for immigration authorization for a period shorter than six months are not required to pay the IHS.

According to the Home Office, the Health Charge increases are a reflection of the rising costs associated with providing healthcare as well as the additional strain that the NHS is facing due to the growing immigrant population.

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Immigration Health Surcharge(IHS) increases for each year of permission:

Though most work and visit visa application costs have increased by about 15%, it has come to pass that the IHS increase would be the most significant. At present, the annual IHS costs £624 for adults and £470 for children, students, their dependents, and those who have applied through the Youth Mobility Scheme. It is now known that the former will cost £1,035 annually, while the latter will cost £776 annually.

Example 1: 

Mr X, a single skilled worker with a five-year visa (£624 each year of sponsorship), the current cost of the IHS would be £3,120. But with the 2024 fee hike, he would have to pay £5,175 for the IHS (£1,035 in sponsorship annually).

Is it possible to file immigration applications earlier?

uk immigration rules for adult dependents

Sure. The Immigration Solicitor would advise companies wishing to sponsor employees and people wishing to file a relevant immigration application to determine if they can apply before the increase is implemented.

An in-country application can be filed before the current expiration date, and in certain circumstances, doing so could result in sizable cost savings. Still, it is essential to give careful thought to the timings. If an application is filed too soon, it may be necessary to submit another one and, most importantly, pay more application fees before getting ILR.

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If I Don’t Pay the Immigration Health Surcharge, What Will Happen?

In accordance with the Immigration Rules’ paragraph 34(4), your application will be considered invalid and will not be completed if the IHS is not paid. Your application will be returned within 10 working days if it is submitted from inside the UK and within 7 working days if it is submitted from outside the country.


On February 6th, 2024, the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) in the UK is scheduled to increase by an incredible 66%. This substantial rise adds a substantial financial barrier to the immigration process, affecting adults as well as children. Although recovering healthcare expenses is the goal, some worry that this may discourage international students and talented workers, which could hurt the UK economy and diversity. People who are applying for visas have a short window of time to make a decision: work around the extra cost or change their plans. It will take time to determine whether this policy move generates the desired cash or hinders the UK’s international relations.

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