Why Consider Hiring Civil Litigation Solicitors London?

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hiring civil litigation solicitors london

How can My Legal Services help you with your Civil Litigation Case?

A Civil Litigation Solicitors London can help to resolve their client’s disputes. Matters dealt with by our Solicitors can comprise of Landlord as well as Tenant issues, Neighbour disputes, Unpaid bills, Breach of contracts and/or agreements, Property disputes and  Business disputes.

What does a Civil Litigation Lawyer do?

My Legal Services Solicitors in London

When a client originally comes to the solicitor for advice, it is the solicitor’s job to appraise the claim and recommend the client on the subsequent steps that should be taken. To do this, the solicitor must read through all the pertinent documentation received from the customer and formulate estimation on the client’s outlooks of accomplishment.

Our Civil Litigation Solicitors London will advise the client of the prospects of success in their claim and offer the best possible solutions at an early stage and will continue to review the merits at all stages of the case. It may be that the matter can be settled with agreement with all parties without the necessity of court hearing (s).

If the matter does go to Court and this is the only solution, our Civil Litigation Solicitors in London will issue court proceedings plus deal with disclosure and drafting witness statements. They will instruct Counsel to attend the trial and comply with the court directions including preparation and pagination of the trial bundle to include all necessary documentation to support your case.


At the trial, the solicitor has a dual role; they are there to support the barrister if they have any queries about the case or essential instructions and also to make sure that the client understands what is happening around them, as court can be fairly terrifying for lay individuals.

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