Which documents do I need for a Spouse Visa Extension?

Knowing which documents you must provide for your Spouse Visa Extension can be a legal minefield. But we here at My Legal Services have all the tools needed and experience to help you navigate your way through.

In order to prove that the applicant satisfies all of the requirements to be granted ‘Further Leave to Remain’ as a Spouse or Partner, they must submit relevant supporting documents that will be assessed by the UKVI.

For applicants who are currently in the UK on a Spouse/Partner Visa (including a Fiancé(e) or proposed civil partner) and applying for an extension/renewal of their visa, much of the supporting documents submitted for their original application will apply. – These include:

Valid passport;
Proof that your relationship is genuine/you remain in a genuine relationship;
Evidence of meeting the financial requirement;
Proof of meeting the English language requirement;
Adequate accommodation

If you are extending your partner visa or are currently in the UK under another visa category, and applying to switch to the partner route, you must also provide:

Your current Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) confirming that your leave is still valid

What are the requirements for a Spouse Visa Extension?

Relationship Requirement

At the time of making a Spouse Visa Extension, both the applicant and sponsor partner must:

Be over 18;
Have met in person;
Not be related to each other;
Be/Remain in a genuine and subsisting relationship;
If either person were previously married/in a civil partnership, the previous marriage/s must have permanently broken down;
Intend to live together permanently in the UK once the visa is granted

If you are married or civil partners, you must be able to prove that you are in a legal marriage/civil partnership that is recognised in the UK. If not married (applying as an unmarried partner), you must provide evidence that your relationship is akin to a marriage and that you have lived with each other continuously for 2 years or more.

British Passport

Financial Requirement

The Applicant and/or Sponsor must be able to show that they are earning or receiving income from their employment or other sources or else have significant savings, and that this income/savings is sufficient for themselves and their partner for the duration of their visa.

The minimum income requirement they must meet for this is £18,600 (gross) per annum. If there are child dependants also applying, this increases by £3,800 for the first child, and then a further £2,400 for every additional child.


The English Language Requirement

Another requirement is evidence of sufficient knowledge of the English Language. Unless you reside in a country where English is the primary/dominant language e.g. USA or Australia, you will need to take an English Language Test which assesses your speaking and listening ability. This must be at a minimum level of A1 (if switching from another visa category) or A2 (if making a partner visa extension).

If you have a degree or academic qualification that was taught or researched in English and recognised by Ecctis (formerly UK NARIC), the English language requirement can also be satisfied.

Other Requirements:

Accommodation Requirement

You must also show that you have adequate accommodation for both of you (and any dependant children) to live in when you are in the UK. Adequate meaning that there will be no overcrowding as a result of you staying in the property.

What type of Documents do I need to prove I meet the requirements for a Spouse Visa Extension?

Documents to prove Relationship Requirement is met

For married/civil partners, the marriage/civil partnership certificate should be included in the application.

For spouse/partner visa extensions, you must also provide evidence of continuous cohabitation for the last period of leave granted (2.5 years).

Documents to prove Financial Requirement is met

The documents you must provide need to prove the source of income being used to meet the minimum income requirement. For example if the applicant is relying on employment income, they will need to provide payslips, bank statements and employment contracts.

Documents to prove English Language Requirement is met

If the applicant is required to evidence a sufficient level of English Language, they must provide a copy of their English Language Test Certificate or their Degree certificate.

Documents to prove other requirements are met

For the accommodation requirement, the documents to be provided will depend on whether the property is owned, rented etc. So the relevant documents could be a copy of the tenancy agreement, letter from landlord, land registry title etc.

Translation of Documents

indefinite leave

Any supporting documents that are not in English or Welsh must be translated. This will typically apply to items such as Marriage and Birth Certificates that originate from non-English speaking countries. The Home Office’s official rule on this is the following: Each original document must be accompanied by a full translation that can be independently verified by the Home Office. Each translated document must contain:

  • confirmation from the translator that it is an accurate translation of the original document
  • the date of the translation
  • the translator’s full name and signature
  • the translator’s contact details

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