What is UK Spouse Visa Processing Time?

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UK Spouse Visa Processing Time for 2023

Once the applicant has gone to their biometric appointment and turned in their fingerprints and picture, the UKVI will only consider their UK Visa application (along with the supporting documentation). Therefore, this is when the decision-making process truly begins; processing does not begin as soon as the online application is submitted. The third-party company that collected your biometrics will email you or your legal representative to confirm that the UKVI has received your application.

Due to the current situation in Ukraine and the Home Office prioritising applications from there, the spouse visa UK processing time from outside the UK currently takes within 12 weeks (3 months). It is true of all family reunion permits in the UK. Before this, the standard service’s processing time took an average of 12 weeks (3 months).

Priority Processing of Spouse/Partner Visa Requests from Outside the UK:

Spouse Visa Application London UK

The Home Office has reinstated the Priority Service for new applications for Spouse, Partner, and Fiancé(e) permits that seek to join British and settled family members in the UK as of February 20, 2023.

An applicant who chooses the Priority Service can receive a decision within 30 working days for a fee of £573. – However, this depends on availability at the regional visa centre from which you will file your application, i.e., the location where your biometrics will be collected. Not all visa centres provide the Priority Service, but both Third-party organisations—VFS Global and TLSContact—that oversee the Visa Centers for UK visa applications outside the UK do publish information on the service options offered at each of their visa centres locations around the world so that you can check the Priority Service’s availability via their respective websites.

Applications for Current Spouse/Partner Visas Outside the UK those with a current family visa application still pending, meaning they have not yet received a decision, are currently given a chance to upgrade to the Priority Visa service. Those who choose this for their current application can anticipate receiving a response within 15 working days. – The oldest unresolved applications get approached first, and applicants are contacted in date order.

A partner/spouse visa extension or application to switch to the partner route while already in the UK usually requires two to three months for completion. A Super Priority Service is additionally offered for applications submitted from within the UK. A decision on your application may be made available in 1-2 working days if you choose to pay the additional fee.

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How can I prevent a further delay in my spouse’s visa application?

spouse visa application

To avoid delays with your application if you are applying from outside the UK, it is important that you do not have any issues with your immigration history or status, especially if you have previously applied to visit (or have visited) the UK and that you provide all necessary supporting documents.

This latter point also holds for applications submitted from within the United Kingdom. Suppose you omit any supporting documentation from your application. In that case, it will likely be rejected outright or, in some cases, the caseworker at the home office will ask for it, extending the time it takes for a decision to be made.

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