What Is The UK Visa Requirement For Australian Citizen?

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Many Australian residents have some connection to the UK, which could be a reason for requesting a visa to move there. For example, you might have a British parent, grandmother, or lover while being an Australian citizen.

In this article, we discuss alternative UK visa options for Australians without a British family member and your potential options for moving to the UK if you are an Australian with a British parent, grandparent, or partner.

Does an Australian Citizen Need a Visa for the UK?

You can apply for a British passport rather than a visa if you are an Australian citizen with a British parent. You might be a British citizen if you were born after January 1, 1983, and you have a parent who is British “otherwise than by descent.”

It can be challenging to determine whether your parents are British by “descent.” Depending on where and when they were born, it will differ.

You might be British if one of your parents was born in the UK because they are likely British “other than by descent.” Under Appendix FM to the Immigration Rules, you could be able to sponsor your family members to go to the UK with you if you’re British.

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UK Visas for Australians with a British Partner:

If you are an Australian and your partner is British, they might be able to finance your travel to or stay in the UK. A “partner” for purposes of the Immigration Rules is an unmarried partner, fiancee, or planned civil partner (defined as a person who has been living with the applicant in a relationship akin to marriage for at least two years before the date of the application).

A partner application submitted following Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules. In brief, the requirements are:

Immigration Rules & Advice

  • The Sponsor has Indefinite Leave to Remain or is British;
  • You both are older than 18;
  • Your partnership is genuine, and you want to settle down together;
  • All past relationships ended permanently;
  • There is enough accommodation for you and any dependents;
  • You have the necessary level of spoken and understood English (there is a specific test you need to take to demonstrate this, or you may be able to rely on a degree taught in English).

In most cases, a specified financial condition must be fulfill. Generally, evidence of the applicant’s or sponsor’s annual income of at least £29,000 is required.

If you are Australian and don’t have any relatives in the UK, or if you don’t fit the criteria for the categories listed above:

UK Spouse Visa Document

Depending on your reasons for visiting the UK and how long you want to stay, you may still be able to gain a UK visa as an Australian. For example, the UK provides a variety of sponsored and unsponsored long- and short-term work and business immigration routes for Australians, such as:

  • Long Term Work Visas (including Skilled Workers, International Sportsperson and Ministers of Religion)
  • Short Term Work Visas (including High Potential Individual, Youth Mobility Scheme, and Creative Worker)
  • Business Visas (including Start-up and Innovator)
  • Global Business Mobility Visas (including Senior or Specialist Workers and UK Expansion Workers)
  • Talent Visas

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Australian nationals may also go to the UK on a variety of short-term visa routes for the following reasons:

Holiday Work Visa in the UK for Australians

  • Visiting friends and family for a short holiday;
  • Short-term unpaid business activity;
  • Unpaid creative activities;
  • Short courses of study or research;
  • Unpaid sporting activities;
  • Receiving private medical treatment;
  • Marriage or civil partnership in the UK;

Australian citizens do not require a visa to enter the UK; an example of this model is for entry as a visitor once they arrive.  A non-visa national must still fulfil the requirements for entry as a Visitor. As an Australian, you still need to be ready to explain, on arrival, the reason for your visit, your plans for maintenance and accommodation while in the UK, and your return flight details.


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