Tier 4 Student Visa Update: Start Your Work After Studies in the UK

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tier 4 student visa uk work after graduation

Your tier 4 student visa work after graduation should expire four months after the end of your study or 6 months for taught postgraduates, provided that you have studied for at least 12 months.

You may work full-time during non study time provided you have completed your course, including turning in any unfinished assignments and dissertations. The usual limits on student work apply to you. Therefore you cannot:

  • Self-employed
  • Entertainer or a professional sports person
  • A doctor in training
  • When you are unable to fill a permanent vacancy.

You must leave the UK or apply for a new visa before the expiry of your visa. Let’s say you request a visa for a skilled worker (formerly Tier 2). If an employer check results in a positive verification notice, you may continue to work full-time while the Home Office reviews your application. This check will be performed on your behalf by your employer.

Graduate visa for working in the UK after graduation:

Tier 4 Student Visa Solicitor in the UK

After completing a degree program, international students can stay in the UK for two years (three years for a PhD) on a Graduate visa to gain work experience. In addition to the £715 visa fee, applicants must pay an annual immigration health surcharge of £624. You are permitted to work in any job, including self-employment, but you are not permitted to play or coach professional sports. The visa is not extendable but if suitable employment is found, it will be possible to convert to the skilled worker route or any other visa where switching is permitted.

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Sponsor Student Visa Cost UK

If you fulfil the criteria mentioned below, you may apply:

  • You are an international student who completed a degree at the undergraduate level or higher from an institution of higher learning with a record of compliance*.
  • You are in the UK with a valid student or tier 4 student visa work after graduation when you submit your application.
  • You have not previously held a Graduate or Doctoral Extension Scheme (DES) visa (you can only receive the Graduate visa once).
  • If you started your programme for 12 months or less in 2020 or 2021, even have permission to enrol in that programme as a Student, and are currently in the UK, you may apply for a Graduate application before the expiry date of your visa.
  • Family members who travel with you and have dependent visas may apply for a visit visa to stay with you. New dependents are not permitted, except for infants born in the UK who have not yet applied for a dependent visa.

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If your chosen course does not qualify for a student visa, you can only study with a graduate visa. For example, a Graduate visa would not let you enrol in an undergraduate, master’s, or PhD programme in person.

You would have to switch back to a student visa if you wanted to enrol in one of these courses, and you couldn’t start the programme until your student visa had been approved. You can only get Graduate once, so after you complete a new course, you aren’t eligible for another one.

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