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A person having indefinite permission to enter (ILE) or indefinite leave to remain (ILR) may transfer their leave status (a no time limit stamp) to a biometric residence permit by using the No Time Limit (NTL) option (BRP).

You will get an NTL BRP if your application is approved. An NTL BRP demonstrates that an individual with ILE or ILR who becomes a UK resident (i.e., a UK resident) is no longer required to apply for a visa or other kind of permission to remain in the country. A person with ILR or ILE must not apply for an NTL application. There are many benefits of NTL, including the following:

  • An NTL BRP is less likely to be fraudulently used than an ILR/ILE sticker in a passport.
  • It is due to the “improved security features” that NTL BRP has.
  • Clearly shows the right to live, work, and receive benefits in the UK.
  • Travel into and out of the UK is made much easier by this.

Who is eligible to apply for an NTL application?

NTL BRP Visa Application UK

To apply for an NTL application, you must:

  • In the UK, hold an ILE or ILR.
  • Still have their ILE and ILR.
  • Still have the right to have an ILE or ILR in the UK.
  • Applying to the UK.

Requirement for ILE or ILR holders:

  • People who “Settled” in the UK on or before January 1, 1973, are considered ILE and ILR holders.
  • Those who need proof of their status in the UK after getting permission to enter or stay in the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.
  • The Immigration Rules offer EEA nationals indefinite leave (i.e., not under Appendix EU to the Immigration Rules).
  • It also includes EEA members who were granted indefinite leave before April 30, 2006.

On their NTL BRP application form, applicants may also list and apply for their dependent family members, such as their husband, civil partner, same-sex partner, unmarried partner, and any minor children. Each application is treated separately.

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Who is not able to apply for NTL applications?

The following individuals are not eligible for an NTL BRP:

  • Irish or British citizens
  • Those who have the “right of residence” in the UK are usually granted to Commonwealth citizens who are not British citizens but do.
  • Those who received permanent residency under the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2016 before the end of 2020 must be citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) or a family member.
  • If granted Settled Status under the EU Settlement Scheme, EEA nationals (or their family members) (EUSS).
  • Those who received authorization through the British National (Overseas) (BN(O)) path.

Required Documents for NTL application:

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You must prepare and submit your NTL BRP transfer application along with the following paperwork to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI):

  • Identity documentation with a photograph, such as a passport, national identification card, driving licence, convention travel document, or Home Office travel document.
  • Your ILR or ILE vignette sticker, biometric residence permit showing indefinite leave to remain, biometric residence card, or an ILR or ILE grant letter from the Home Office are all acceptable forms of identification.
  • Evidence of a name change (e.g. marriage certificate or deed poll).
  • When you apply, you will receive advice on which papers to upload to support your application.

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How long does an NTL application take?

Once your application is submitted, your documents are uploaded and you have provided your biometrics. You can anticipate receiving a decision within 3- 6 months. You might be able to use the super-priority processing option for an extra £800 if you need a decision more quickly. Applications for NTL premium service are handled by the end of the following business day.


The No Time Limit app is simple and cost-free. My Legal Service’s immigration lawyers offer a free telephone consultation if you require legal advice with other visa applications, such as the ILR.

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