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A foreign citizen can join their British or settled partner or spouse in the UK using a UK spouse visa for the first two and a half years. You must apply for an extra two and a half years of extension of your spouse visa if you wish to get indefinite leave to remain (ILR). You will receive the five years of residency in a row that you require for ILR.

While requesting a UK spouse visa extension, you must once again fulfil many of the eligibility requirements you previously satisfied. Please be aware that receiving an extension does not guarantee one, even if you were successful the first time.

Reasons UK Spouse Visa Renewal Rejected:

Not Satisfying The More Exacting English Language Prerequisite:

Exacting English Language Prerequisite

Failure to meet the English language proficiency criteria is a common cause of an extension request being denied. The Home Office feels your language abilities should have improved after 2.5 years in the UK.

You must receive an A1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) to submit your initial application for a spouse visa. Unless you qualify for an exemption, level A2 proficiency in English must be extended in the UK.

You can utilise the test results again when you apply for your spouse visa extension and your ILR application five years later if you scored higher (like a B1) on the previous application.

No Longer Fulfilling The Required Amount of Money:

A gross yearly income of £29,000 is required for the spouse visa extension; this amount might come from the applicant’s sources, their partner’s sources, or both taken together.

Five primary revenue streams can be used to meet the financial requirements: employment, self-employment, non-employment income, pensions, and cash savings. You must submit all necessary documentation for the kind of income being depended upon. You are in danger if you can’t meet the financial requirements before filing your application.

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Insufficient Documentation:

BRP Replacement Documents

Applications may also be turned down if insufficient proof of your money or relationship exists. You must provide up-to-date evidence that you and your spouse are still together. The Home Office lists the documents you can attach to your application. These are arranged into three levels, the first of which is the most important for confirming the continuity of your relationship.

Among them are:

  • A rental agreement
  • A utilities bill
  • A wedding certificate
  • A shared bank statement
  • DWP/HMRC letters attest to the claimed family unit
  • Documents from auto finance agreements attesting to the claimed address
  • documents from insurance attesting to the claimed address
  • Proof of shared financing agreements or business endeavours (such as contracts, investments, and tax returns).

Please be aware that depending on your source of income to meet the financial criteria, you will need to submit many documents.

What Happens in the UK if My Spouse’s Visa Expires?

uk spouse visa renewal cost

You will be considered an overstayer if, while in the UK, you do not apply for a new visa or extend your present spousal visa before it expires. In the UK, overstaying is a severe violation that carries serious penalties, like:

  • Deportation due to breaking immigration regulations
  • You are having trouble getting a visa in the future because overstaying might damage your credibility and immigration record.
  • Being put in detention or removed from the United Kingdom
  • Restriction on your access to public services: healthcare, education, and social benefits
  • Not being allowed to open a bank account or work legally.

Acting before your spouse’s visa expires is important to prevent these unfavourable outcomes. Before your visa expires, you should seek to extend your visa or change to a different category before your visa expires.

Please be aware that you will typically still be regarded as having valid leave until the new application is decided if your visa expires while waiting for a decision on your unique application.

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When Do You Need to Renew My UK Spouse Visa?

Usually, you should apply for a spouse visa extension before the expiration of your current visa or after you have been in the UK for 2.5 years. Filing for your spouse’s visa extension too soon could affect your future application for an indefinite leave of absence.

What is the UK Spouse Visa Renewal Cost?

Your spouse visa can only be extended from within the United Kingdom. 2024, each application (including those for children) will cost £1,048. An extra £800 will be required to employ the super priority service for a quicker judgement. Furthermore, every year the visa is granted, you must pay the £1,035 per year immigration healthcare premium for people over 18.


It takes careful consideration of detail and knowledge of the most recent requirements to renew your UK spouse visa. The experienced spouse visa solicitor at My Legal Services can confidently guide you through this procedure. We’ll ensure your application is accurate, full, and properly shows your relationship and eligibility. Contact us immediately for a consultation to secure your path to a stress-free renewal.

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