Immigration Advice & Tips for UK Spouse Visa Application

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UK Spouse Visa Application

It might be challenging to apply for a UK spouse visa application, especially if you plan to apply for a spouse visa. The fact that getting a spouse visa is so important both practically and emotionally makes it much more challenging. Everything is more difficult if you and your partner don’t live together. If any of your children live with you, it’s much more critical. Family life via Facebook or Skype is nearly impossible and is outside your or your kids’ best interests. Our team of immigration solicitors in London has compiled a list of immigration advice and tips to assist with your spouse’s visa application, taking into account the significance of securing a visa for your spouse.

Immigration Advice for UK Spouse Visa Application:

#1 – Verify whether you have to apply from outside of the United Kingdom:

UK Residence Permit

You can change to a spouse visa if you are already in the UK on another type of visa without having to leave the nation to submit your application from abroad. A UK immigration lawyer can provide you with advice on this.

#2 – Mention whether your spouse is a legal citizen of the UK:

The partner you are joining must be a British citizen, have established status in the UK (such as Indefinite Leave to Remain or proof of permanent residency), be a refugee or have been awarded humanitarian protection in the UK, or have both if you are applying for a UK spouse visa application.

#3 – Verify whether the UK recognises your marriage or civil partnership:

If you followed the legal process in the nation where the ceremony took place to get married or become a civil partner, your marriage will often be accepted in the UK. If you are single and want to get married, make sure you know the laws of where you want to get married before applying for a UK spouse visa application to come with your partner to the UK. Depending on where nation the marriage will take place, your partner could be required to present UK documentation.

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#4 – Prove that you want to live permanently in the United Kingdom:

Spouse Visa Income Requirements 2024

You must be able to provide proof that you plan on living together permanently in the UK if you are seeking a spouse visa.

#5 – Consider a way to show your English language proficiency:

UKVCAS (Visa and Citizenship Application Services)

As with other UK visas, one prerequisite for a spouse visa is having a solid command of the English language. You can agree to take a test with a speaking and listening CEFR of at least an A1, or you can present educational qualifications accepted by UK NARIC. Certain nationals, such as those from the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States, can demonstrate their proficiency in English without demonstrating their proficiency in English.

#6 – Check if you make the required minimum income:

It may be the part of applying for a spouse visa that gives you the most significant anxiety. The minimum income criterion rises if you bring a kid or children to the UK. You must show that you and your partner earn a combined £29,000 annually. Unless you can demonstrate that there are “exceptional circumstances” that could or would entail that rejecting the spouse visa would violate Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, you must be able to show that the findings come from the five stated sources.

#7 – Verify that any “Human Rights” issues are included in your application:

The top immigration solicitors will inform you that, as of 2015, there are few chances to challenge an application for a spouse visa that has been denied. The decision’s denial of a human rights claim is one of the grounds for appeal. My Legal Services, an immigration solicitor can ensure that your application is structured in the best way possible to provide you with the right of appeal should the verdict go against you. Our professional solicitors are very knowledgeable in the Immigration case law on article 8, which guarantees the right to private and family life.

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#8 – Collect all all of your documentation:

BRP Replacement Documents

Your UK spouse visa application requires much supporting material, just like any other UK visa application. Documentation about the minimum income criteria is included. Putting together this paperwork ahead of time will improve the efficiency of your application.

#9 – If you don’t fulfil the requirements:

Suppose you have a child in the UK who is a British citizen or who has been here for seven years, and it would be unreasonable for them to leave the country. In that case, you may still be allowed to apply for admission to the government or renew your current visa even if you don’t fit the spouse visa requirements. If living outside the UK as a couple would present substantial and unachievable challenges for you and your spouse, you may also seek to remain.


The immigration laws in the UK are complicated. If you haven’t already, consider getting assistance from some of the top immigration attorneys who can help you apply for a spouse visa.

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