Fiancé Visa UK Requirements (2024)

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Fiance or Finacee Visa

When it comes to the process of getting married, there are a lot of details that need to be considered. One important detail that’s often overlooked by couples is the fiancé or fiancée visa process and how to go about it correctly. If you’re planning on getting married and settle in the United Kingdom, here’s what you need to know about the 2024 fiancé visa UK requirements.

What is a UK Fiancé Visa?

A UK Fiance visa allows non-EEA nationals to enter the country to join their UK-based partners either to get married or to engage in a civil partnership and settle in the UK. This type of visa is also known as a Proposed Civil Partner Visa or Engagement Visa, and it’s given to the applicant with a UK citizen partner or a “settled” partner. A settled partner may have an EU Settled Status or an Indefinite Leave to Remain status or limited leave to remain such as a Pre-settled status in the UK under Appendix EU or Appendix ECAA. 

The Fiancé Visa is not the same as the Spouse Visa / Marriage Visa or UK Marriage Visitor Visa, primarily because the latter offers a faster route towards permanent settlement than the former. Also, if the applicant plans to settle in the UK coursing through the Fiancé Visa, the visa time limit is much shorter at 6 months for the partners to get married and restricts the applicant without recourse to public funds. The entry clearance officer must be satisfied you are in a genuine relationship in addition to meeting the minimum income requirement. There are also additional requirements that must be met. 

Once the couple is married, the Fiancé Visa holder can then apply for a UK Spouse Visa.


On the other hand, the Spouse Visa UK allows the applicant to stay in the UK for 30 months or 2.5 years. 

The stay can be extended for another 30 months if the visa requirements are consistently met, with a spouse visa extension. During these 60 months, the Spouse Visa applicant may then apply for an Indefinite Leave to Remain status, which can then move the applicant towards applying for British citizenship.

The Marriage Visit Visa is different from the Spouse visa UK and Fiancé UK Visas because it only allows the applicant to get married or register a civil partnership in the UK without any intention to stay or settle in the country. This means that once the 6-month approved visitation is over, the partners should have already been married and the non-EU citizen would have to leave the UK. 

To summarize, if the route taken to obtain a visa in the UK is through a Fiancé Visa first, the applicant would have to apply for a Spouse Visa next. After getting approved for a Spouse Visa, the next application process would be to get an Indefinite Leave to Remain. The final step would then be to apply for citizenship.

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What are the UK Fiancé Visa Requirements?

uk fiance visa application process

 To get approval and fast-track the UK fiancé visa application process, the list below should be met:

  • The couple must be at least 18 years of age
  • The application should be made from outside the UK.
  • The intention to marry or enter into a civil partnership must be proven.
  • The marriage or civil partnership should be within the 6-month validity period.
  • This intention to marry is different from the intention to settle.
  • There should be an intention to settle in the UK.
  • The relationship requirement of the partners must be fulfilled:
  • The sponsor in the UK is a British citizen
  • The sponsor must already be granted a Settled Status or a Pre-Settled Status under the EU Settlement Scheme
  • The sponsor may be a refugee in the UK or is under humanitarian protection.
  • The relationship must be proven genuine and subsisting or durable 
  • The couple must have met in person before the application.
  • The relationship must not be under the prohibited relationships as required under “The Marriage Act 1949” and “The Marriage (Prohibited Degrees of Relationship) Act 1986.”
  • The partners must be legally free to be married or join in a civil partnership.
  • The financial requirements should be met with at least a minimum combined income threshold of £29,000 gross a year. 
  • Cash savings may be a relevant source of income but they cannot be combined with other income sources.
  • Salary, stocks, pension payments, and property gains are strong pieces of evidence for the financial requirement.
  • The UK accommodation requirements must be met.
  • The applicant must be able to satisfy the English language requirements
  • Being a national of a predominantly English-speaking country is a plus.
  • Passing an English language test such as the IELTS.
  • Seeking and passing a higher-level English test.
  • The applicant must be cleared from Tuberculosis (TB) illness.
  • Documentary requirements
  • Old passports or visas
  • Previous marriages include separation papers, divorce certificates, death certificates, etc.
  • Any possible criminal convictions as applicable.
  • Financial documents such as bank statements.
  • TB test results
  • Biometric information
  • Application and any other previous application

Fiance visa applications may be refused due to incomplete or insufficient capabilities. Before applying, an immigration lawyer or immigration team through companies like My Legal Services can be consulted to avoid rejections and have a smoother application process and have an successful UK fiance visa application.

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How to Apply for a UK Fiancé Visa?

If the requirements for applying for a UK Fiancé visa are completed, the application process is online. 

The process below can be used as a checklist to apply for a UK Fiancé Visa:

  1. The first step is confirming eligibility for a Fiancé Visa.
  2. Complete all required documentation.
  3. Fill up the online application form and pay the applicable fees
  4. Provide all the requirements in support of the Fiancé Visa application
  5. Process the biometric requirements.
  6. Attend the interview if required

Normally, the application fees for a UK Fiancé Visa as updated in 2024 costs about £1,523. However, this does not cover all the other costs.

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For help applying for your UK Visa, reach out to My Legal Services by calling us at 02037 324 736 or by contacting us here.

Here are some of the expenses that should also be considered:

  • If a TB test is required, the average cost would be about £65 to £150 depending on the country where this will be performed as well as the clinic or accredited health care facility.
  • Another potential expense would be any documentary translations that would need to be translated to English or Welsh. Translation services may cost depending on the translator.
  • If the country of origin of the applicant is not included in the Home Office’s list of countries with an English speaker majority, the English language test would be required and it costs about £150.
  • Getting a faster result for the visa may also cost about £600-£800 for super-priority service. This priority service premium will expedite the application and the applicant would get a decision
  • Finally, the conversion rate must also be considered.

Additionally, it’s crucial that the couple is able to prove their financial capabilities when applying for a visa. Plus, taking the time to research and become familiar with the UK immigration system is an asset when it comes to visa applications. It is never a waste of money to get help from highly successful immigration services or solicitors, such as My Legal Services. 

Immigration lawyers like My Legal Services can help assist you with your concerns, should you feel overwhelmed with the application process or if you’re simply unsure of the visa process, procedure, or how to apply. We are here to help every step of the way.

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The fiancé visa UK requirements in 2024 should be well planned for. If you plan to bring your future spouse to live with you in the United Kingdom, it’s important to familiarize yourself with any new rules and begin preparing well ahead of time. 

The process can be complicated and frustrating if not done correctly, so don’t wait until the last minute. Seek professional help from reputable sources such as My Legal Services, and start gathering the required documents as soon as possible. 

By being prepared and following all of the necessary steps, you will increase your chances of a successful application and avoid any costly delays or problems.

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