UK Fiance Visa for Thai Citizen: Requirement, Eligibility

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Fiancé Visa UK Requirements

There are many possibilities through which you could bring your Thai lover to live with you in the UK, including a number of factors, including your present relationship status. If you are married or want to get married soon, you’ll decide which one is best for you. It might be good to apply for a UK Fiance Visa for Thai citizens so you can live together in the UK if you and your Thai national partner want to get married within the following six months.

This UK visa restricts your Thai partner from working or studying while they are in the country; however, after six months of legal marriage, your new Thai spouse is eligible to apply for a UK marriage visa or UK spouse visa.

If you and your partner are unable to tie the knot within the allowed six months, you may be able to apply for an extension of your fiancé visa; however, these requests can be difficult to approve.

Eligibility for UK Fiance Visa for Thai Citizen:

UK Fiance Visa for Thai Citizen

You must be a British citizen or have permanent residency in the UK in order to be a British sponsor. You must also be a resident of the UK at the time of application, or you must be visiting the country with your fiancé with the intention of moving there as a couple. Financial requirements also need to be fulfilled, such as making at least £29,000 a year.

For their application to be granted a UK fiancé visa, your Thai fiancé must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Before the date of the visa application, you and your Thai partner must have had at least one in-person meeting.
  • It would help if you were preparing to tie the knot during the upcoming half-year.
  • They must be able to maintain their financial security and that of any dependent children without using government funds or applying for assistance. To establish this, they will have to provide bank statements.
  • Possess suitable housing available in the United Kingdom.
  • They have to clear a certified English language exam.
  • The cost and duration of getting a UK fiancé visa.

After getting married, the candidate must apply for a UK Spouse Visa from within the country. They will be able to live and work freely in the UK for two years and nine months as a result of this.

After this time, if the relationship is still going strong, you can apply for Leave to Remain (LR), stay for an additional two years and six months, and then you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), which will allow you to stay in the UK permanently.

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The Cost And Duration: UK Fiance Visa for Thai citizen

The Home Office will process Thai national applicants’ visa applications in approximately three months. The application price is £1,538 if your partner is applying from outside the UK and £1,048 if they are applying within the UK.


Thai nationals must fulfil strict criteria, such as having an honest relationship, stable finances, and suitable housing, for them to be granted a UK fiancé visa. My Legal Services is an expert immigration solicitor at handling this difficult process, making sure that every need is carefully considered. Our in-depth knowledge of UK immigration regulations provides customised advice to ensure eligibility. Our knowledge provides complete paperwork, solid proof, and individualised help, making it easier for Thai nationals to get a UK Fiance Visa for Thai citizens and simplify their route to reunions and plans in the UK.

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