Steps to Getting Your Partner Visa From Overseas

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The Migration Agency’s partner visa policy is expanding due to diversity brought on by people travelling the world and partnerships forming across borders.

My Legal Services works with many clients to help them get closer to the people they love. In our experience, applying for a partner visa can be a big relationship milestone. Still, it can also be intimidating because of the required paperwork and the government fee.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to partner visas because relationships come in all different shapes and sizes. The method for submitting a spouse visa application and proving a relationship is genuine. It fulfils the partner requirements for visa issues that can vary, depending on the situation, including arranged marriages, long-distance relationships, de facto couples, and long-term marriages. Yet, based on our expertise, we have discovered that partner visa applications often have similar patterns.

Therefore, Here are our top suggestions for submitting a partner visa application that is successful:

Unmarried Partner Visa

  • Verify that you submitted the important uses and obtained the necessary documentation when submitting your partner visa application. They usually include the UK NARIC or ENIC certifications, the IELTS test record, or the results of a TB test (TB test results are valid for 6 months).
  • You can provide a UK address to UK NARIC or ENIC to assist quicker processing of your documents.
  • If call logs are unavailable, take screenshots of WhatsApp and FaceTime calls.
  • Do not forget to include translations from certified translators if any of your documents are written in a language other than English.
  • Make certain that all of the financial details you submit are accurate (Salary slips, tax returns, bank statements)
  • Ensure you present the original degree certificate and grade sheets when submitting degree certificates to demonstrate how you complete the English language requirement.
  • Should the UKVI conduct additional checks or inquiries regarding your application, be prepared to offer detailed and accurate information.
  • Ensure that the credit and debit cards you use have sufficient processing capacity to handle the high costs of visa fees, the Immigration Health Surcharge, priority processing fees, and other value-added services.
  • Check the VFS India Homepage frequently to view the weekly processing times.

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UK Unmarried Partner Visa Success Rate

#1: Can a UK spouse visa holder work?

You can. When residing in the UK on a spousal visa, there are no restrictions on your ability to work there for the duration of the visa’s validity.

#2: Which IELTS do you need?

The IELTS and the IELTS Living Skills are different types of IELTS tests. You must take an IELTS Living Skills test with CEFR level of A1 to apply for a UK spouse visa. Be sure to take the Secure English Test [UKVI SELT].

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The majority of applicants find UK immigration law to be complicated and struggle to keep up with the frequently occurring changes. To ensure your application has the highest chance of success, avoid delays and lose government fees if rejected, you can choose to have it prepared by professionals. 

If you want to join your family in the UK, you can apply for a UK spouse visa, an unmarried partner visa, or a civil partner visa. We have years of experience successfully submitting UK spouse visa applications, unmarried partner applications, and legal partner applications for applicants in same-sex relationships at My Legal Services. Hence, you can be confident that the advice provided below has been tried and true.

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