Non-Molestation Order: Protecting Domestic Abuse Victims

Protecting Domestic Abuse Victims

A lot of people are confused about what a non-molestation order is and how to have one served when they hear the term legally. We aim to help.

The most popular emergency order to prevent someone from acting in a specific way is a non-molestation order. It is designed to protect a person who abuses their spouse or child. It is an arrest warrant issued by a civil court. If the non-molestation order is broken, there could be a five-year prison sentence. It acts as a potent deterrent to abuse both now and in the future.

Being the largest non-molestation order server in the UK, we know of the horrifying, depressing, dominating, unsafe, and delayed effects of domestic violence. Effective enforcement of a court order against the abuser may greatly improve and potentially save lives.

Violence immediately comes to mind as soon as the term “domestic abuse” is used. Abuse can take many forms besides this one.

A pattern of abusive behaviour in a relationship when one partner uses the other to gain or maintain control over another intimate partner is known as domestic abuse. Moreover, there are other meanings linked to domestic violence. Physical, sexual, emotional, economic, psychological, or threats of such behaviours can all be used to exert influence over another person.

When a Non Molestation Orders Is Used?

Non-molestation Order Guide Lawyer

You can use a non-molestation order in one of the following ways against someone you know:

  • Through marriage, civil partnership, engagement to marry, marriage, or impending civil partnership.
  • You are now living together as husband and wife, even in same-sex partnerships.
  • A relative or family member.
  • A person with whom you are parents or who has previously been your child’s carer.
  • A person with whom you have shared a close and lasting friendship.

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Implementing a Non Molestation Order:

Once the court has granted the order and the abuser is not present in court, the non-molestation court order needs to be “served” on them. To be enforced, the order needs to be “served” to the abuser; also, a copy needs to be given to the local police so they are aware of its existence. In compliance with the law, a trained process server will serve your documents and increase the likelihood that the court documents will be delivered.

How To Proceed If You Suspect Someone You Know Is Being Abused Domestic:

Abused Domestic UK

It can be difficult to get out to a friend or understand who is experiencing abuse. Reporting the abuse may be your first reaction if you believe it will help. It might not always be the case; in fact, it might deepen some circumstances and put people in much greater danger. To learn more about assisting a friend or family member in escaping domestic abuse, get in touch with the National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV).

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For victims of domestic abuse, there are numerous alternative options for hidden and free support available. It can be daunting to figure out the legal system, particularly after a traumatic event. We at My Legal Services know of this. We have a team of knowledgeable and compassionate family law experts available to help you with the non-molestation order application process.

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